the evolution ​of black hair

An examination of the history and ​art of Black people's hair from the ​16th to the 21st centuries.

The Impact of Societal Expectations ​on Black Women's Hair.


Did you know that black women ​are 80% more likely to feel the ​need to change their natural hair ​to fit in at work? Or that more than ​half of black women feel they have ​to change their hair for social ​situations?

for centuries, Black hair has been a ​subject of discussion

From its origins in Africa to the billion-dollar ​industry it is today.

It has been rooted in both celebration and bias, ​segregation and miseducation.

Black people’s hair is equally as ​beautiful as hair of any other race.

Common consumeristic HAIR ​exploitations include:

  • Board-certified cosmetology ​historically excluded Afro-textured hair ​from the curriculum
  • Hair care professionals' inability to ​service Afro-textured hair
  • Hair typing creates and deepens ​confusion about naturally tight curly ​hair; brands sell to insecurities caused ​by a lack of understanding
  • Chemical and thermal straightening ​rooted in the pressure to hide the hair ​altogether

The Evolution of Black Hair Exhibit is a captivating and ​educational showcase that celebrates the beauty and ​diversity of Black hair. It explores the rich history and ​cultural significance of Black hair through interactive ​installations, informative displays, and captivating artwork. ​Our exhibit is carefully curated to provide a comprehensive ​and engaging experience that promotes awareness, ​understanding, and appreciation for Black hair.

OUR exhibit ​explores:

  • The history and art of Black ​people's hair
  • Entertaining and nostalgic ​Selfie Museum influenced by ​modern-day Black culture
  • The European standard of ​beauty's influence on Black ​culture
  • The impact of textured hair ​discrimination
  • How to close the gaps around ​Black people's hair


Diversity love

We will bring the full Evolution of Black Hair Exhibit to you, or host it at ​one of our partner locations. You also have the option to pair this with ​our training and symposium.

Hire us to facilitate a Natural Hair 101 Class.

Becoming a corporate partner with Brown Skin Women Foundation is ​an impactful way to help Black women thrive and make a measurable ​impact.

Your individual donation to the Brown Skin Women Foundation allows ​women to improve their relationship with their hair and quality of life.


What is the goal of the Evolution of Black Hair ​exhibit?

The exhibit aims to celebrate the beauty and diversity ​of Black hair, educate on the impact of systemic ​racism on Black hair care, and promote diversity and ​inclusion in the beauty industry.

Is the exhibit accessible to individuals with ​disabilities?

Yes, the exhibit is fully accessible to individuals with ​disabilities. We strive to create a welcoming and ​inclusive environment for all visitors.

How long does it take to view the exhibit?

The exhibit typically takes about an hour to view from ​start to finish. Visitors can interact with many of the ​installations and capture great photos throughout the ​exhibit

Is the exhibit only for Black people?

No, the exhibit is open to people of all races and ​backgrounds. Everyone is welcome to come and ​learn about the rich history and cultural significance ​of Black hair.

Is the exhibit available for private events or school ​tours?

Yes, the exhibit is available for private events and ​school tours. Please contact us for more information ​on pricing and availability.

Can I take photos in the exhibit?

Yes, photography is allowed and encouraged! We ​encourage visitors to share their photos on social ​media using our hashtag #EvolutionOfBlackHair

BSW Foundation is a nonprofit division of ​Brown Skin Women LLC, dedicated to ​improving economic progress and racial equity ​for Black women and their communities. As a ​501(c)3 organization, it aims to empower Black ​women and promote equitable opportunities ​through initiatives and programs.


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